Wayne Rush

Tauranga: (07) 570 2112                                   Rotorua: (07) 343 6080

Wayne Rush Bodywork History

Wayne Rush shattered a lower vertebra at the age of 12. He spent many years investigating alternative therapies to alleviate pain in order to avoid having spinal fusion surgery. When he was 19, Wayne discovered the benefits of massage therapy as a mean of recovery and prevention from illness and injury. He wanted others to benefit from such treatments so he went on to train at the New Zealand School of Shiatsu. Wayne now has a wealth of experence having worked as a massage therapist for 20 years.

Using their unique massage system they will treat you to a massage experence you'll never forget. Wayne Rush Bodywork has a comprehensive rage of massage treatments available to clients

Our Vision

Wayne Rush Bodywork will be a major contributor towards the global community’s health and wellness.

Our Mission

To teach, guide and inspire people towards greater health, happiness and well-being.







Phone TGA (07) 570 2112 or ROT (07) 343 6080