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Ginger Compress

60 min $90.00

As ancient as time itself, the ‘Ginger Compress’ has been used to bring blood to the kidneys and move fluid out.

Your kidneys remove up to 60% of your body fluids and toxins so if your kidneys are not working as well as they should your body will then store fluids where it's not wanted.

If you bruise easily, have fluid retention, have cellulite, have tummy bloat, your face is puffy or you suffer from cold hands, you have symptoms that could mean your kidneys could be over worked or not functioning to full capacity. A ginger compress massage may be a good place to start to obtain relief.

Minerals from seaweed can be added to the compress, which may help with inflammation and rheumatoid diseases. Alternatively, the compress can be enriched with plant extracts that may help with elimination of toxins and infections.

ginger compress

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