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Hot Mineral Massage Pack


Hot Mineral Pack Massage     

60 min $90.00

Using the heat from a hot mineral pack increases circulation to an injury, helping to saturate tissue with nutrients. This also increases the absorption of blended oils that may help the recovery of muscular injuries.

During your massage, the therapist might also leave heated mineral packs on spcific part on the back, legs, arms or on your abdominals region. This unique blend of hot mineral packs and abdominal massage (Ampuku) increases circulation to the abdomens and is a must for anyone who is looking for additional help to tone and strengthen their core or mid- region.

The hot mineral pack treatment may help with tummy bloating, cleansing of the digestive organs, strengthening bladder control, increased peristaltic processes (digestive action) and reducing abdominal obesity.

A full massage can incorporate a hot mineral pack treatment.


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