Wayne Rush

Tauranga: (07) 570 2112                                   Rotorua: (07) 343 6080

Oil Massage Therapy



30 min Massage $40.00

(includes back, back of legs, neck and shoulders)

60 min Massage $80.00

(includes back, legs, arms, neck and shoulders)


Our body massage treatments combine classic oil and shiatsu treatment to help identify and balance stress and tension. Massage can enhance, relax and rejuvenate you. By blending treatments together we can individualise your massage to obtain optimal results in the time you spend with us.



The 'without oils' treatment features light stretching and pressure-point work that helps ease pain, strains and stress without leaving any oily residue or exposing your skin.


Phone TGA (07) 570 2112 or ROT (07) 343 6080